Come learn and shoot with me as we jump into using small off camera lights on location to create big studio images.


Crossfitters, Acro People, and Boxing


Saturday April 22nd. Starting at 4:30pm


Revel Strength.

2608 East 11th Street

Tulsa, Oklahoma




Just like stretching a muscle for added flexibility you’ve got to stretch yourself in photography. That may be communication while shooting with talent, that may be dusting off the strobe you hid away in your closet right before you became a ‘natural light’ shooter. It’s been my experience conducting these workshops that most of the time people just need a little nudge to shift into that next gear. Not to mention getting some great images for your portfolio. You’ll leave inspired and eager to tackle a little more with your new found flexibility.


Currently living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I’ve traveled around the world a few times with a camera in hand. I’ve blown it in just about every capacity as a photographer and that’s created a unique perspective on shooting. Don’t major on minor issues and always pack multiple tripod plates, or at least plenty of grip tape. I’ve been a self employed photographer for nearly 10 years and worked with creative agencies from all over the US. I specialize in PHOTOGRAPHY… I’m a student of it all, but known more for off camera lighting and specifically portraiture, but I love product and outdoor photography equally as much. I enjoy helping others and take this job very serious, but not myself…


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Mark it down on your Calendar and dust off that gear you don’t get to use all that often. We’re gonna put it to good use!

We’ve tried to make this as cost effective as possible because it’s more important for you to come and shoot! However, if you can’t swing it email me and we’ll work something out.