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Corona Arch

The Lacks Northwest Adventure

After a 2 mile hike through the desert we make it to the Corona Arch in Moab, Utah. Lacks Northwest Adventure We parked our car at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone located in the Northern area of Yellowstone National Park. Since dogs are not allowed on the pathways in Yellowstone, we had to leave Max, our 85lb Australia Shepherd/Blue Healer mix, behind to wait in the car.

Singer Kelly Ford

Kelly Ford CD on iTunes

My goodness this music is so good. I’m listening to it right now as I write this. Everything came together so well for this shoot and CD cover design. Please Please Please go check it out on iTunes and buy it. Gift it. Whatever. Just make sure you get a copy. It sounds almost as if he’s singing it in that empty church because the acoustics are off the walls. iTunes link Cover design by Hampton Creative just amazing people.

A Boys Desire for Adventure.

The 5 of us have been hiking for 1.5 miles to check out this waterfall and we finally arrive. I lift my two year old son off my shoulders and assess the scenery. I need to get down close to the water to get the best photo I convince myself. The water is 200’ beneath us and I’ll have to navigate some scurry and boulders. No big deal! I do this kind of thing all the time. I make it […]

Discovery Chanel

How I got the Shot: Confessions: Animal Hoarding

My feet squish in rabbit urine and feces with every step I take throughout the ‘home’ and the 6 inch hay barrier that covers the floor is due for another layer because you’re now able to see the rotten carpet peaking through some thin spots. This can’t be healthy, I think. I’ve been surrounded by 250 rabbits for the last six hours, the smell of ammonia is overwhelming, and I’m just waiting in it.

I was going to fail…

I fall to my knees in utter exhaustion unable to breathe due to altitude and my legs no longer seemed to work which on a mountain climb is kind of important! We had been climbing for about 10 hard hours already and I look up to see I’m still at least 1000 feet from the summit. Ah Geez… I was defeated… I can’t do it! I wasn’t going to make it. At that moment of fatigue and weakness is when negative […]