Problem Solved

I’m always curious what people’s perceptions are and what causes them to feel a certain way. But how they see you? That’s a tough one.

There was a shoot I wasn’t a part of because the company my client was working with brought in the, “I Know a Guy.” Everybody knows a guy, right? My client was in charge of everything, except for hiring the photog. So they walk up to the “I Know a Guy and ask that he come away with certain shots but the response back from the photographer was “Oh, that’s not possible to do.” My client’s telling me this story and says, “I remembered I wasn’t working with Corey Lack at that moment.” Wow, what a compliment! As he was telling me the story I was incredibly humbled and remember thinking through a handful of scenarios that would have worked to have gotten that shot list he wanted.

Knowledge Bomb

When you are working for someone and become confronted with a problem, don’t bring the problem to them and ask for answers. Bring solutions, offer the course of action you’d recommend, and ask them to pick 1, 2, or 3.

Be a problem solver not a problem maker.


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