Prepare the way . It will come.

When I first got into graphic design I had zero dollars to my name to invest into becoming a designer. I would drool over this amazing piece of technology they called “Photoshop” and dreamed of all the award winning design pieces I could create within it (I may have been a little delusional).

I didn’t realize it at the time but I was going to learn a valuable lesson about what it meant to start preparing the way.

Rather than feeling sorry for myself or getting angry with people who just had PS given to them (you know “those” people), I started my journey in learning Photoshop 6 months before I would eventually be able to afford it. Frequently I would leave the library with mounds of books talking about Photoshop and something about dummies. I would watch video podcasts and online seminars. I’d fall asleep at night listening through headphones of people talking about photoshop then wake up battling a corded snake that wrapped itself around my head as I tossed and turned. Sorry Amanda (wife). I learned every shortcut key, how to automate a workflow, and create brushes. I even learned how to make my own fonts! You know those strange looking menus you never use? Yeah, learned all of those too. So when I finally purchased  and installed Photoshop onto my own computer I remember thinking, “I know everything about this software”. I prepared the way and invested in myself.

Knowledge Bomb

Whether it’s a light or a camera, a client or a studio space, it doesn’t matter. Make sure you invest in yourself beforehand and prepare the way for when you’re able to implement that “thing” into your workflow or business. Don’t wait for it to arrive before you invest. Learning is free.



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