Photos from Colter

I’ve come here plenty of times but I seem to stumble onto new little gems with each visit. Mountain weather paints the sky with wonderful tones, and uniquely shaped clouds compliment the mountainscape. It’s peaceful and why I love coming here.

My son Christian snapped this photo of me right before the bottom fell out of the sky and showered us.

Hazy Days

The mountains have been playing hide and seek as of late due to all the smoke and with every chance of rain, I get optimistic for a clear shot of The Grand and a few beautiful Crepuscular Rays that may show themselves. It’s not like I don’t have an archive of this shot already but for some reason I keep chasing it. For the shot, yes, but I think it’s more to get out and away for a minute to disconnect from the main frame that’s filled with distractions.

The Grand Teton. With impending rain just outside of camera left it certainly provides heavy contrast and inspires you to expedite getting the shot.

Colter Bay

It’s hard to believe that this is my backyard and something even HARDER to believe is that I’m not out here everyday photographing it. I’m by no means a Landscape Photographer but I think I can hold my own and honestly I just love to make regardless of the medium.

We drove to Colter Bay, we being my Wife and three kids, for a friends get together. The families were going to play in the water of Jackson Lake and enjoy the sun. However, the weather had different plans with isolated showers that hit us. This meant little time in the water and also meant ever fewer opportunity to shoot anything. BUT, I did get a small window to get all the gear out and maybe get 5 shots before the rain came again.

It was the only time the clouds parted and one little beam of light broke through and painted the water.

What drew me to this composition is the little island and a towering mountain both about to endure the same storm. I’m sure there’s a beautiful message in there somewhere.


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