Graphic Design: Cowboy Church

Cowboy Church

I started my journey as an embroidery digitizer recreating business logos and the reference material would range from a business card, email icon, or just bad embroidery they had done somewhere else. One thing was constant. They were never good. This led me into Corel draw and I started making t-shirt designs of which led into business cards and other various print pieces. I quickly ran out of tools in Corel and moved into illustrator. What a world of difference! About this time I bought an older version of Photoshop and my design career took off! I did anything and everything I could get my hands on. Paid or free I didn’t care. I just wanted to design something.

Funny, so many years later and I still love to design. Certainly my designing has matured over the years but I’m still very much in love with it as I was all those years ago.

Cowboy Church

This is one of those projects that never was. Soon after I completed this design The Horse Whisperer injured his knees and couldn’t perform the show. Much like the good ol days… I was given rough low res photos to work with and when you combine low res and high res imagery together you have to operate with a certain amount of finesse, but I think it turned out just right.

Cowboy Church

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