Goff was onto something.

“I used to think, but NOW I know.”
-Bob Goff

A girl raised her hand in the photography class I was teaching and said, “I only have this crappy camera and I have to use this crappy free software online to edit photos. I can’t do that.” Her disgust was pretty obvious in her tone. I looked at her and said, “So, what?” Maybe a little too honest, but SO WHAT?! 

We make excuses to justify our ignorance.

I fell into this trap early on too. If I only had this light I could… If I only had this camera I could… You name it! I was fed up with it. Sounding familiar? Are you frustrated too?

I once went on a trip to Burma with the number 3 cross country runner in the world. This guy spent HOURS by himself running. I asked him how he did it. “How do you not just get completely frustrated at the distance you have in front you?” He told me that the trick was to live in the now. Not the future. The now… Deep right? Very uneventful at the time but then I started to think about it. Make the best of where you are. Be content not complacent. All the muck you’re in right now is part of the journey. It’s what will make you appreciate that camera when you can finally afford it. OR, that software that you’ve been dreaming of.

Learn problem solving skills with what you have. Invest in yourself first! 

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