Fear and Failure From a Pro.

Canon in the Mud | Jackson Hole, Wyoming Photographer


To say I’ve made a few mistakes in photography unarguably the biggest understatement any of you will hear today.

Hey, your lens cap is on. ah geez.

I thought you got the memory cards? Dang it!

No charged camera batteries? We’re screwed.

Or worse yet… Having to tell a client that you’ve lost all their photos… That one hurt.

Were any of these familiar? If you answered, No, then just wait.  I’m sure most of you have your own war stories and I’d love to hear about them in the comments section of the website.

My goal is that some of the muck that I’ve gone through over the years and inevitably by the nature of self employment will continue to go through will help you. I’ve been a freelance commercial and advertising photographer for nearly 10 years and I’ve been super fortunate to travel the world with a camera in hand. I don’t take myself all that serious but I do however take my work very seriously.

I spent a few minutes attempting to research some great quotes that would move you to tears, and inspire you but I came up empty handed. So you’re stuck with my words of wisdom.

“Fear and failures suck.” quote corey lack

Who likes that? No one. I hate it. It makes me feel less… Like, I didn’t have what it took to do great job. It just leaves a nasty taste in your mouth when you say the words. I failed or didn’t even try because I was afraid… and the worst part is when you let someone else down. I know you can all relate to this.

Remember when you were a kid and you’re at the base of that massive roller coaster at the fair? Your older brother is calling you a wuss as blood curtailing screams echo from the rails. That thing is a zillion feet in the air! Shut up! you yell at him defensively. After all you’ve got to protect what dignity you have left. Reluctantly and full of fear you step up to that height ruler as the carney who smells of smoked turkey leg looks on. That growth spurt over the summer paid off. You’ve got what it takes to ride by a whole half an inch. Following your brother to the front car you slide down a little too easy in the one size fits most seat and realized you don’t qualify as most. It’s HUGE! I’m going to fall out, you realize in terror. The overhead brace comes down and now you’re at the point of no return. Locked in and committed. a jolt, click click click you begin the ascent of the massive incline before you fall to your doom as you see it. Click click click your brother slugs you in the arm with a big smile on his face. That sucker has ridden this thing numerous times, he knows what’s up ahead and elated to give it another go. We’re at the top now and you can’t take it anymore, but just as you’re about to scream for mommy the coaster blasts down the other side pancaking you to the seat and blasting your lips back with sudden gust of air. Round and round loop after loop  and with a mount full of bugs you come to screeching halt whaling at the top of your lungs. You made it, you can’t believe it, check your body to make sure everything is still in its correct place but hang on, something is different. After having gone through it you have a new found feeling towards a once terrifying death trap. Let’s go again you can’t believe yourself saying!

When we succumb to fear, shortly after, all this doubt will flood our brains  and a pity party starts to reveal itself. I don’t have what it takes, I’m not good at this, we’ll question whether or not we’re supposed to be there in the first place and if left unchecked our confidence plummets. I know where you’re at, but can I tell you something? You won’t be given anything you can’t handle. All the stars aligned, the paths of cosmos converged, or by divine intervention you’re there learning a lesson that will develop your character and resilience for the future.

The little boy in the story would have never experienced a newfound passion for roller coasters. He went on to develop the world’s largest and greatest roller coaster EVER because of that day. Okay, that part isn’t true, but it could have if this boy wasn’t a fictional character.

When we fear forward two things happen. We are stretched so far out of our comfort zone that when the tension is released it doesn’t snap back to where it was. We have this new found ability to handle that much more the next time. Fear has a funny way of preventing us from trying. Clouding our rational thinking and keeping us down for as long as possible. Hey! Listen to me. You have what it takes and when you fail look at it for what it really was. A hard lesson learned and one you’ll never make again, but not even trying. You’ll most definitely never succeed.

If you have question or comments please never hesitate posting them in the comment section below.

I’m Corey Lack and with a love of process and adventure, I embark. See you out there!

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