I’m Just Peachy!

I’ve taken a break from social media… I’m not sure for how long, but I have and I like it… So far. I’m trying to re-invest all the time I devoted to it into other creative outlets such as reading, writing, music, art, building, cooking, outdoor activities, and honestly just being present with family and friends. I made this conceptual photo today. It’s a few different images composited together and I think it perfectly reflects what I imagine every single […]

Photos from Colter

I’ve come here plenty of times but I seem to stumble onto new little gems with each visit. Mountain weather paints the sky with wonderful tones, and uniquely shaped clouds compliment the mountainscape. It’s peaceful and why I love coming here. Hazy Days The mountains have been playing hide and seek as of late due to all the smoke and with every chance of rain, I get optimistic for a clear shot of The Grand and a few beautiful Crepuscular […]

Game Boy Tetris

I need more Z blocks, said No One Ever. 

The only consistent person in your business is you. When everything falls apart all eyes are on you.

Canon in the Mud | Jackson Hole, Wyoming Photographer

Fear and Failure From a Pro.

  To say I’ve made a few mistakes in photography unarguably the biggest understatement any of you will hear today. Hey, your lens cap is on. ah geez. I thought you got the memory cards? Dang it! No charged camera batteries? We’re screwed. Or worse yet… Having to tell a client that you’ve lost all their photos… That one hurt.

I Live In a Van Down By the River!

“I live in a van down by the river!”-Matt Foley

How You Climb a Mountain. BUT THIS IS MARS!

By putting one foot in front of the other. But, what if that mountain is Olympus Mons on Mars?

Goff was onto something.

“I used to think, but NOW I know.” -Bob Goff A girl raised her hand in the photography class I was teaching and said, “I only have this crappy camera and I have to use this crappy free software online to edit photos. I can’t do that.” Her disgust was pretty obvious in her tone. I looked at her and said, “So, what?” Maybe a little too honest, but SO WHAT?!  We make excuses to justify our ignorance. I fell into this trap early on too. If I […]

Brian Hunter Across Mongolia

I Can’t. So YOU Can’t.

People will place their own limitations and understanding on your abilities to do something. A buddy of mine took on this amazing feat of endurance and adventure. 3 months and 1500 miles he was going to run across the entire country of Mongolia in support and awareness for the orphans of that country. 30 miles everyday with his wife and two kids helping on the support team was the game plane. A few weeks before he’s supposed to board a plan and head out, he’s talking […]

Problem Solved

I’m always curious what people’s perceptions are and what causes them to feel a certain way. But how they see you? That’s a tough one. There was a shoot I wasn’t a part of because the company my client was working with brought in the, “I Know a Guy.” Everybody knows a guy, right? My client was in charge of everything, except for hiring the photog. So they walk up to the “I Know a Guy“ and ask that he come away with certain shots but […]

That’s it. I QUIT!

I’m done. I’m throwing in the towel. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’ve probably said this 100 times over the years of shooting professionally. I mean it would be way easier to work for someone else and let them have all the headaches. Sure, I’d have to give up making my own hours, being at every school event, going on adventures, building a future for MY children to take over, and not get to travel to incredible places […]

Everything is Broken.

I have nothing. No website. No power point presentation. No camera or lighting of any kind and I have the most attended class of the whole thing! I’m in big trouble. Phone rings and I’m being asked to teach a workshop on the Power of Light. A subject I’m absolutely in love with but the icing on the cake for me was the keynote speaker- Joe McNally. WHAT!? I’m in! The days leading up to the workshop I spend putting together […]

You’re not very good at this…

I walk into my interview with a pathetic representation of my work, a little nervous because this was the first time I’d ever shown it to anybody. I wanted so badly to become a working artist and this was my opportunity. I shake hands leaving a wet reminder of the greeting on his hand from my sweaty palm, we exchange pleasantries, and I lower myself into the seat all the while gripping my three ring notebook folder. I hand over my future to the man sitting across […]

Prepare the way . It will come.

When I first got into graphic design I had zero dollars to my name to invest into becoming a designer. I would drool over this amazing piece of technology they called “Photoshop” and dreamed of all the award winning design pieces I could create within it (I may have been a little delusional). I didn’t realize it at the time but I was going to learn a valuable lesson about what it meant to start preparing the way.

Corona Arch

The Lacks Northwest Adventure

After a 2 mile hike through the desert we make it to the Corona Arch in Moab, Utah. Lacks Northwest Adventure We parked our car at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone located in the Northern area of Yellowstone National Park. Since dogs are not allowed on the pathways in Yellowstone, we had to leave Max, our 85lb Australia Shepherd/Blue Healer mix, behind to wait in the car.

Singer Kelly Ford

Kelly Ford CD on iTunes

My goodness this music is so good. I’m listening to it right now as I write this. Everything came together so well for this shoot and CD cover design. Please Please Please go check it out on iTunes and buy it. Gift it. Whatever. Just make sure you get a copy. It sounds almost as if he’s singing it in that empty church because the acoustics are off the walls. iTunes link Cover design by Hampton Creative just amazing people.

A Boys Desire for Adventure.

The 5 of us have been hiking for 1.5 miles to check out this waterfall and we finally arrive. I lift my two year old son off my shoulders and assess the scenery. I need to get down close to the water to get the best photo I convince myself. The water is 200’ beneath us and I’ll have to navigate some scurry and boulders. No big deal! I do this kind of thing all the time. I make it […]

Discovery Chanel

How I got the Shot: Confessions: Animal Hoarding

My feet squish in rabbit urine and feces with every step I take throughout the ‘home’ and the 6 inch hay barrier that covers the floor is due for another layer because you’re now able to see the rotten carpet peaking through some thin spots. This can’t be healthy, I think. I’ve been surrounded by 250 rabbits for the last six hours, the smell of ammonia is overwhelming, and I’m just waiting in it.

I was going to fail…

I fall to my knees in utter exhaustion unable to breathe due to altitude and my legs no longer seemed to work which on a mountain climb is kind of important! We had been climbing for about 10 hard hours already and I look up to see I’m still at least 1000 feet from the summit. Ah Geez… I was defeated… I can’t do it! I wasn’t going to make it. At that moment of fatigue and weakness is when negative […]