I Can’t. So YOU Can’t.

Brian Hunter Across Mongolia

People will place their own limitations and understanding on your abilities to do something.

A buddy of mine took on this amazing feat of endurance and adventure. 3 months and 1500 miles he was going to run across the entire country of Mongolia in support and awareness for the orphans of that country. 30 miles everyday with his wife and two kids helping on the support team was the game plane. A few weeks before he’s supposed to board a plan and head out, he’s talking with a potential donor of the expedition when a stranger walks up and hands Brian a business card. He’s a doctor, has heard about the trip, and wants to speak with Brian about it. They shakes hands and make an appointment for sometime over the next few days.

The day arrives and Brian meets up with the stranger. For an entire hour and a half he’s listening to this doctor tell him how he won’t be able to make the expedition happen. “It is physically impossible to run that long!” the doctor says. He’s completely dead set that it’s his job in life to convince Brian NOT to go on this expedition. Brian is sitting there just taking a verbal beating and somehow keeps a smile on his face.

Brian was telling me about this story and he says this: “People will place their own limitations and understanding on your abilities to do something. They think because I can’t, that means you can’t either.”

Man, these words have stuck with me and have become a filter that I run any “advice” I receive through. Don’t be discouraged by other’s ignorance or limited imagination. You were given this idea. NOT them. So when you’re met with those that say it can’t be done, just remember this story. Do you think you can? Then do it! Go for it! Don’t settle for being mediocre when you’re made for more.

Brian went on to run across the entire country of Mongolia and did amazing works along the way. A blister was his biggest injury. You can find more about this expidition at STRONGTOTHEFINISH.COM

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